Accountable to you

Anne-Marie believes it is vital to report back to residents on what she is doing in Parliament and locally, and to ensure taxpayers' money is spent efficiently and transparently.  That is why in her time as the MP she has:


  • Been an active member of the Public Accounts Select Committee which scrutinises the spending of taxpayers’ money on Government projects;
  • Sent e-newsletters of what she does for residents in Westminster and locally to over 4,000 people each week;
  • Sent quarterly “Trev Express” newspapers to every household to ensure everyone knows what their MP is up to and can feed back their views;
  • Sent regular mailouts and surveys to communities affected by change – on the NHS’s Rothbury Hospital plans, on the Berwick coach park plans, the new mobile phone mast for Shilbottle and changes to local bus routes;
  • Held regular advice surgeries in Alnwick and Berwick, so residents can bring complex cases to her attention;
  • Embarked on an annual surgery tour of villages in the constituency;
  • Maintained a weekly schedule of constituency visits to schools, businesses, community groups and charities;
  • Raised local issues in Parliament and brought Government ministers to north Northumberland to ensure what happens here informs national policy-making.