Anne-Marie has welcomed the Government's decision to introduce a Broadband Universal Service Obligation - to ensure a minimum level of service at the request of the consumer, within a reasonable price threshold.  It is the price threshold which is of key importance for people living in Northumberland, and the reason that I intend to follow the new Digital Economy Bill - in which the USO will be introduced - very carefully as it comes before Parliament in the autumn.  My priority will be to ensure the Bill represents real, tangible change and improvements for my constituents. 

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MP raises rural broadband issues in Commons debate

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, spoke in the Commons this week at the Second Reading of the new Digital Economy Bill.  The MP, who campaigned for broadband to be treated as a vital utility, expressed her delight that the Government is bringing in a ‘universal service obligation’

Broadband update

An update on superfast broadband from Anne-Marie.