Anne-Marie discusses local wildlife in Parliament

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, has recently been championing wildlife local to the area in Parliament. On 26 June, she hosted a Westminster Hall on puffin habitats, to highlight the great work being done by rangers on the Farne Islands to monitor puffin numbers, where they are moving to monitoring numbers annually. Currently, they are on the rise, but the National Trust is keen to make sure it understands why there are declining numbers in colonies worldwide. These declines have been linked to a decline in the puffins’ main source of food, the sandeel.

Then, on 3 July, she spoke in a debate in Westminster Hall on red squirrels and the threat of their extinction where she spoke about the work being done at Wallington Hall to conserve the red squirrel after they were nearly extinct there in 2011. Wallington now has a thriving community of red squirrels.

Anne-Marie said “I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk about the wonderful wildlife we have in North Northumberland, and the efforts being made by organisations locally to conserve native species”.