Election blog day 6

F is for Fishing & Flotillas

Our wonderful Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency covers over a thousand square miles, and it has 64 miles of coastline. Three main ports still have a good deal of fishing activity, from Berwick at the top, to Seahouses and down to Amble. There are a number of lobster pot fishermen as well as small boat fishermen who travel out into the North Sea to find a decent catch within the confines of quotas, changing net sizes and a confusing array of authorities overseeing their livelihoods.

Our visit to Amble comprised a busy canvass then a treat of ice cream at Spurelli's- it is May! - then an impromptu visit to the soon-to-open lobster hatchery: what a great new attraction and educational facility it is going to be. I love that there is a maternity unit and a nursery!
The afternoon proved full of sporting activity, from our Northumberland rugby team taking on Yorkshire in the Senior County match at Alnwick Rugby Club, to the "Push The Boat Out" boating event at the Alnmouth Boat Club. 
And just as we were bringing in the "Pride of Aln" skiff we saw the Flying Scotsman rushing northwards on the far side of the estuary. 

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