Election blog Day 7

On the Election Trail. Day 7: G is for garlic and glorious Glendale gardens

Our farmers and gardeners have been getting quite anxious over the lack of rain in the last few weeks, but at last yesterday the gods were kind and we had a good lot of rain to feed spring plants. One of the side effects of this rain as I was driving through Powburn was an overwhelming sensory experience of wild garlic odours. The raindrops released that uniquely powerful aroma that is woodland and springtime.

My team and I have been preparing to start our deliveries of leaflets to every home - no election is complete without them! It is a particular challenge in our constituency to reach every door within the very short window of this particular election, since we have to get to 152 villages and towns, and many farmsteads up long tracks. I have now prepared 6000 personally signed pledge letters for all the postal voters too. So if anyone was wondering if they would be hearing from this candidate, watch your letterbox!

As the rain recedes and the evening sun poked its head around the dark clouds, we were canvassing on the hillside of Wooler, and chatting to the children home from school and riding their bikes up and down their streets. Another outdoor lesson on politics with young lads turned into maths as we sought out door numbers!

The Wooler gardens are looking suitably springlike, as these houses are sheltered from the cold winds which keep some of our villages back from spring for weeks. The treat for an election campaign through May and June in Northumberland is that there is colour and garden creativity everywhere. And I met a superb cat, Tizer, who was going for a walk on a lead with his mistress. Definitely cat of the day!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the coast again. H is for.... happiness?

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