Government ending unnecessary PIP reviews in victory for campaigners and MP

The Government has announced it will end unnecessary PIP reviews for people with most severe health conditions. New guidance coming into effect this summer means people who are awarded the highest level of support under PIP – and where their needs are expected to stay the same or increase – will receive an ongoing award of PIP with a light touch review every 10 years.

The change will ensure that those with severe or progressive conditions receive an award which reflects the fact that their condition will not improve.

The change has come following lobbying by campaigners and MPs to ensure that people get the right support they need to live better, more comfortable lives.

Anne-Marie said “I am delighted that the hard work of campaigners has led to this change. I have been working over the last year with the local MNDA volunteers in my constituency to lobby the Government to make these changes. There has been letters and meetings to get the Government to make these changes but now we are here and I will be ensuring that these changes are implemented as swiftly as possible. ”

“This victory shows the value in elected politicians, campaigners and the public working together to make the changes that we want to see in policy to minimise the stress of the unnecessary bureaucracy that put strain on the lives’ of those who need our support. I would like to pay tribute to everyone who has worked tirelessly to make this happen and look forward to working together to get every part of this system working for those who need it”.