MP responds to report to HMP Northumberland Report

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has responded to the Annual Report by the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Northumberland. The report looks into all aspects of prison provision and how the prison carries out its main functions and duties.

The report, which is available at highlights some areas of concern, such as a rise in the use of illegal substances, the potential for greater violence but has welcomed investment and improvements to the fabric of the estate.

Anne-Marie said “Some of the problems facing Northumberland Prison are not unique to our area, and are challenges that face prisons right across the country. In recent months I have visited the prison and maintained close dialogue with the leadership at the facility to support the work that the prison is undertaking to improve inmate safety and the general condition of prison facilities”.

“I fully support the work that the leadership of the prison is undertaking as part of a continuous programme to ensure that there is sustained investment to provide safety for the population, and enable rehabilitation in order to prepare them with skills to integrate back into our society. There is no doubt that there are areas of concern, as the report outlines, but I will be continuing to work closely with the prison and the Ministry of Justice so that HMP Northumberland is a facility that is fit for the 21st century”