MP takes Post Office to task over poor rural services

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed is taking up the concerns of constituents across north Northumberland about the poor service of the Post Office in rural areas.

The closure of rural post offices has caused strain on local communities, and replacement van services have been extremely unreliable, with some not turning up at all. This has caused serious problems for local people who require these vital services to access family members, pensions and other correspondence that is crucial to their daily lives.

Anne Marie said “The situation at it currently stands is unacceptable. Rural services are at a major disadvantage compared to those in urban areas, and it is making life difficult for residents right across north Northumberland. The Post Office have a duty to provide the services reliably and efficiently, and certainly by keeping to their word on promised mobile services.”

“These services are vital to residents and businesses for all manner of day to day activities. I will be taking the Post Office to task about this and fighting for them to deliver a service that people deserve and can rely on. If anyone has any information about their local service then please share it with me so I build a wider picture of Post Office provision in our area”.