MP welcomes superfast broadband to Detchant

MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, Anne-Marie Trevelyan joined local residents to welcome the arrival of superfast broadband to Detchant, at the invitation of Northumberland County Council, whose iNorthumberland team works alongside Openreach to deliver the services.

The MP, who has been campaigning for rural areas to have better access to superfast broadband, met villagers who are delighted by the installation which will also serve the area around the village.

Anne-Marie said: “This is great news for the Detchant area and our rural communities.  We are getting more and more villages connected to superfast broadband, and I am pushing Ministers to recognise the challenges faced by our more rural communities and the additional help needed to ensure everyone gets connected.  I continue to have regular meetings with the Council and Openreach to talk about how and when they can connect areas yet to be covered by superfast.  I will keep pushing until everyone is able to access this service.”