MP works with Cambo First School to tackle rainforest destruction

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed has met with children and teachers from Cambo First School to tackle the destruction of rainforest.

Following a tour of the school, Anne-Marie met with the children who have written heartfelt and concerned letters to her regarding the damage being done to the rainforest in Indonesia. The children had seen the film Running Wild on a school trip and were worried that farmers who produced palm oil are endangering a vital resource of planet Earth and were determined to take action.

Anne-Marie said “I was overwhelmed to receive the letters earlier this year from such a dedicated and conscientious group of children. Their determination to stand up for our planet and our wonderful rainforests inspired me to work with them to tackle this issue which affects us all”

“Palm oil production has destroyed vast swathes of rainforest, severely endangered biodiversity and has left indigenous peoples impoverished and displaced. We must work together to provide farmers with the livelihoods and incentives to stop producing palm oil, which also carries serious health risks and save our precious rainforests. I am looking to set up an All Party Parliamentary Group for Borneo Island to tackle this issue in Parliament and with the Government. It is crucial that we work in partnership with government and civil society in Indonesia to tackle this problem and to that end I will be raising this issue with the Indonesian Ambassador as engagement is key to progress on issues of international importance”.