Victory in battle over unwanted mast

There has been a victory for local residents in Belford as a unwanted mast that would have been opposite the war memorial has been rejected following a great effort of teamwork that pitted a coalition of the local MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the local councillor and residents against the mast which was to be installed for smart meters. This was the latest twist in the story as the mast installation had been attempted previously and was stopped by local residents. Further battles over its installation followed which meant that an eleventh hour attempt to stop the mast was needed, and was successful.

Anne-Marie said “I never tire of being an advocate for collaborative work that involves the community, its parish council, councillors and myself to make sure we have the final say over decisions in our community. It was absolutely clear that this mast wasn’t in keeping with the area, didn’t have the support of residents and was in completely the wrong position that was opposite a war memorial that hosts an annual parade to those who have lost their lives and fought in service of our nation and democracy. We know more than most in rural areas that technology advances are important, but they must be sensitive to the area and ensure they have community backing.”