Should I go to work?


To help people make sense of all the guidance here are five questions to ask yourself to decide if you should be going to work.

Work your way through ALL the questions.


Do you have to stay at home for health reasons?

This may be because you are over 70, you are vulnerable (eg a pre-existing condition, or a high risk category), you have been exposed to someone (and are self isolating) or because you have symptoms and are quarantining.

If you do not have to stay at home for health reasons then go to the next question...


Do you have to stay at home to look after your child?

Schools have closed so children may need looking after at home by you. The exception is if you have a key worker role (these are listed online).

If you do not have to stay at home to look after a child then go to the next question...


Can you do your job from home?

This is really important. You and your employer should make EVERY effort to work from home. Government guidance says people can leave the house "if travelling to and from work but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home."

If you cannot do your job from home then go to the next question...


Is your job at one of those businesses that has been told to close?

Some businesses and places of work have had to close. These are typically ones that encourage people to gather - restaurants, pubs, clubs and such - or ones where there is close contact with people, such as hairdressers.

For the latest list of businesses to close please see HERE

If your place of work has not closed then go to the next question...


Do your working practices allow you to observe social distancing at work?

Jobs like construction, deliveries, warehouse work and others can often be carried out with sensible adjustment. For example, the Royal Mail do not require people receiving packages to provide a signature.

Very many self-employed people, trades, contractors, gardeners, taxi drivers etc. may fall into this category.

[UPDATE: Social distancing is recommended. If you cannot maintain 'social distancing' of at least 2 metres from people, then speak with your employer.]

If you decide not to work, STAY HOME. PROTECT THE NHS. SAVE LIVES.

DO NOT go outside except for essential trips (shopping, collecting medicines, a funeral etc.) or one period of exercise a day.

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