Military Covenant

Anne-Marie is passionate about the welfare of veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces.  She is a member of the Amred Forces Parliamentary Scheme in order to learn more about the challenges faced by the men and women who serve, and their families.She is keen to work to improve access to metal health services for veterans in Northumberland.  If you have experienced difficulties with such services, please do email Anne-Marie in confidence


Anne-Marie has changed the Government’s mind on the importance of this forgotten stretch of road. Back on 2007 she set up the Dual the A1 Campaign Group in order to pull together many cross-party voices to make sure that Government would understand about the missing link in the A1 road network.Fantastic news came in December 2014, when the Prime Minister announced an initial £290m investment to upgrade the road.  


Anne-Marie continues to use Parliamentary channels to call for the implementation of the Universal Service Obligation for broadband.  In the meantime, she is working to build up a picture of the real picture of the coverage from local people and will shortly be launching a constituency-wide independent survey of quality and speed of service.In the meantime, constituent who are experiencing problems with broadband should contact her office on


Covance is a pharmaceutical company based in the United States, which has a base in Alnwick.  The future of the site is currently in doubt, but, having raised the issue in Parliament, Anne-Marie has secured the support of Life Sciences Minister George Freeman MP, who has ensured the Office of Lide Sciences is able to offer as much support as possible for the future. You can read the Parliamentary exchange HERE.

Harbottle Surgery

I have received the following update from the NHS on the situation at Harbottle.