My Plan

  • Protecting our unique landscape

    Anne-Marie has campaigned for the last ten years alongside local communities to stop the planners from allowing developers to build inappropriately sited onshore turbines and against plans for a new open-cast coal mine at Druridge Bay which she got Ministers to halt. We have a unique unspoiled landscape in our rural villages which must not be industrialised and ruined. Local voices now count.

  • Accountable to you

    Anne-Marie believes it is vital to report back on what she is doing and ensure taxpayers' money is spent efficiently and transparently.

  • Broadband for Northumberland

    Keeping up with the digital revolution is vital for the long-term health & wellbeing of our children, our businesses & our older people. Broadband is now the fourth utility alongside water, gas and electricity. We must make sure no household is left behind. 

  • Finish Dualling The A1

    Anne-Marie has changed Government’s mind on the importance of this forgotten stretch of road. Back on 2007 she set up the Dual the A1 Campaign Group in order to pull together many cross-party voices to make sure that Government would understand about the missing link in the A1 road network.Fantastic news in December 2014, the Prime Minister announced an initial £290m investment to upgrade the road.  The campaign's ultimate goal is for full dualling all the way up to the border.