Election blog - Day 8

On the election trail : Day 8 - H is for happiness holidaying on Holy Island

Our wonderful county of Northumberland is one of the best places for a stay-cation, and for foreign tourists to discover the wild beauty of the northernmost corner of England. From the Cheviot Hills to our unique coastline with its endless white sandy beaches, puffins and terns on the Farne Islands and up to the cradle of English Christian teaching on Holy Island, north Northumberland is the finest destination for a holiday. The National Trust are committed to maintaining and protecting the unique wildlife which inhabits our coastal AONBs, and the farmers who maintain our spectacular landscapes have a depth of commitment to the longterm health and stability of soil, rivers, woodland, mountains and beaches. 

When all this election stuff is over, take a few days out of your busy lives and come and visit the finest corner of England!

Tomorrow, I is for... independence. Of spirit? Or from neighbours?

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