Launching Our Campaign!

Setting out what's important to me for the amazing constituency I hope to continue representing in Parliament.

The launch of election campaigns is a time honoured tradition, and in our Conservative Association office there are black and white pictures of former MPs holding forth on platforms in the grounds of Alnwick Castle with large crowds coming to listen.  Somewhat different today, as voters get their news and information from a myriad of different sources, at the time of their choosing, and often through outlets which share their world view.  So it can be difficult to be heard at a local level with all the social media and 24 hours news channel noise.

So the traditional method of getting our message out locally is relatively unchanged - trying to knock on as many doors as possible and simply chat to voters and hear from them what is important and how they are planning to vote.  As the MP for the last 4 years, I have always knocked on doors and try to make sure that local priorities are the ones I take to Parliament, and to highlight them at Westminster, working with colleagues to make change where its needed.  So what are my key campaign plans for this 2019 election?

They fall into three categories:
investment for the long-term - pushing through the A1 dualling programme to turn the £293m committed after the 2015 election, which is now waiting for Inspectorate approval, into tarmac - its all going to plan which is great;
and ensuring we get a fair share of the £1 billion the Prime Minister committed to rolling out across rural towns and villages so that no corner of our country is left behind in the digital revolution.
getting healthcare provision right - we need to ensure that our NHS locally gets the new Berwick Infirmary built and the Rothbury Hospital beds reinstated after much consultation and discussion, and uses our community hospitals as stronger bases for more community nursing, with a focus on building up effective networks of support for those families who are looking family members with dementia. 

* investing in our future - our kids and the world we will leave behind for them is everything, so investing in education to make sure they can gather the skills they will need, and discover their talents so they can have fulfilling and productive working lives, is vital. One of the most important areas of policy we can invest in now is environmental management - from food and farming policy post-Brexit which drives good use of our land, to investment in technologies which give us effective renewable energy, and to tree planting programmes which help us meet our Zero By 2050 carbon targets, because the tree is the best and original carbon sink.

I have always believed that our wonderful patch of Northumberland should have its fair share of national resources, and all my campaigning focuses on that, as it always has done, and always will.

If you have questions on policy issues or wish to raise your own personal priorities please do email me to

If you want to contact Anne-Marie you can call 01665 602106 or email her at

If you think you will need a postal or proxy vote go to your council website and follow their guidance.

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